Hell in cell 2019

hell in cell 2019

Sept. Brock Lesnar ist vor seiner UFC-Rückkehr noch nicht fertig bei WWE: Bei Hell in a Cell tritt er den Käfig ein und mischt Roman Reigns und. Sept. Bei WWE Hell in Cell wird es wieder zwei heiß erwartete Duelle in einem riesigen Stahlkäfig geben. SPORT1 hat alle Infos zur Show. Sept. Brock Lesnar ist vor seiner UFC-Rückkehr noch nicht fertig bei WWE: Bei Hell in a Cell tritt er den Käfig ein und mischt Roman Reigns und. Bin ja mal gespannt auf Strwoman gegen Reigns. Ronda hatte angeblich eine Verletzung und dies nutzte Bliss gnadenlos aus. Hat mir gefallen und der Ausgang war gut. Es waren keine Squash-Matches dabei oder die in Champion Of The Track Slot Machine Online ᐈ NetEnt™ Casino Slots 10 Beste Spielothek in Klaistow finden vorbei waren. Wir sind ein Klamaukunternehmen, welches Beste Spielothek in Poppenricht finden Leute verarscht. Lesnar war so ziemlich die schlimmste Überraschung seit vielen Jahren! Kann mir sogar eine Rückkehr als Face vorstellen, damit der historische Gewinn entsprechend von den Fans gefeiert wird… wobei, wenn Roman bis WM das Gold hält, wird man Lesnar sowieso feiern, wenn er den fetthaarigen Samoaner auseinandernimmt. Kein Wunder warum ich Raw ab und zu nur noch schaue. Nun gut…da geht also noch was. Samoa Joe konfrontiert backstage den Referee mit dem Videomaterial und fragt, wie der Offizielle die Aufgabe von Styles nicht sehen konnte. Auch wenn es ein paar Schwächen gab kann man doch am Ende sagen. Die wollen meistens oben liegen. Brock Lesnar's surprise return, big title change. You can change the cookie settings here. Retrieved November 7, In fact, it wouldn't be an overstatement to say eurolotto.de most WWE storylines this year have managed to capture the imagination of professional wrestling fans the world over--with the sheer depth and emotional content in most angles. Samoa Joe via pinfall to retain the title: Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks c. Bliss kicked the champion in the ribs to slow her down, but when the challenger attempted a punch, Rousey hit her rolling judo move and locked in the armbar for an immediate submission. Back in the ring, Strowman Beste Spielothek in Kalefeld finden Reigns with the steps again for a two count before screaming, "Why won't you stay down, you moron?! The most trusted voice in sports delivered straight to your inbox. The following week, Orton explained his attacks on Hardy by stating that he felt disrespected by the WWE Universe and hated how they were supportive of superstars like Hardy.

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Gott möge es verhüten! Ich weiss nicht irgendwie gefällt mir der rote Käfig nicht. Hätte mir nur gewünscht das Nati nun turnt aber man kann ja nicht alles haben. Die Stuhlschläge intensiv doch dann kam der Schraubenzieher durch das Ohrloch von Hardy. Aber ironischerweise stand sie The Miz dafür echt gut. Die muss ich an die zukünftigen Sackhaarträger verkaufen.

Reigns executed a Spear off the steel steps on Rusev to retain the title. Next, Bayley fought Dana Brooke. Gallows and Anderson executed the Magic Killer on Enzo to win the match.

During the match, Owens accidentally sprayed the referee with a fire extinguisher, resulting in a second referee entering the cell to check on the downed referee.

Chris Jericho ran into the cell and locked the cell door. Rollins attempted a Pedigree on Owens, but Jericho prevented the attempt, leading to Rollins performing a Pedigree on Jericho.

Rollins performed a powerbomb on Owens through two tables stacked outside the ring, which was followed by a frog splash, but Jericho pulled the referee out of the ring to void the pinfall at a two count.

Rollins attacked Jericho with a powerbomb into the cell wall. Owens performed a superkick and a pop-up powerbomb on Rollins for a near-fall.

Owens performed a powerbomb through two chairs on Rollins to retain the title. After the match, Jericho attacked Rollins with a Codebreaker.

The match ended when Kendrick feigned a knee injury. A concerned Perkins checked on Kendrick, who attacked Perkins with a headbutt and applied the Captain's Hook.

Perkins submitted, meaning Kendrick won the title. In the end, Cesaro applied the Sharpshooter on Woods. As Kingston was not a contestant in the match, the referee disqualified The New Day for outside interference.

At the same time, Woods submitted to Cesaro's Sharpshooter. However, as the referee had already issued a disqualification, Cesaro and Sheamus won the match, but The New Day retained the titles.

Before the cell lowered, Charlotte attacked Banks, leading to the two fighting outside the cell and into the crowd.

Charlotte climbed the cell wall, but was knocked down by Banks. As Banks attempted to climb down, Charlotte threw Banks through a broadcast table with a Powerbomb.

Banks was about to be taken away on a stretcher and Charlotte to be declared the winner by forfeit, but Banks got off the stretcher and entered the cell, thus the match officially started.

During the match, Charlotte executed a Monkey Flip on Banks into the cell wall for a near-fall. Banks applied the Bank Statement on Charlotte, but Charlotte countered and executed a Sidewalk Slam on Banks onto a chair for a near-fall.

Banks re-applied the Bank Statement on Charlotte, but Charlotte escaped by rolling out of the ring. Outside the ring, Charlotte attempted a Superplex through a table on Banks, but Banks countered, knocking Charlotte onto the table.

In the end, Banks attempted a Powerbomb on Charlotte through a table, but failed. Charlotte took advantage by throwing Banks onto the table, which was positioned in the corner, and then executed Natural Selection to win the title.

Earlier in October before Hell in a Cell, SmackDown 's Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan challenged Raw to three traditional Survivor Series elimination matches — involving each brand's best five male wrestlers, best five female wrestlers, and best five tag teams, respectively, [18] [19] to which Stephanie McMahon accepted.

On the November 7 episode of Raw , Sami Zayn revealed that Mick Foley wanted him to face Ziggler for the Intercontinental title, and then defeated Rusev, solidifying his spot in the title match at Survivor Series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved September 24, Archived from the original on November 18, Retrieved March 5, Retrieved March 21, Retrieved September 15, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved October 10, Retrieved October 17, This was also Strowman's Money in the Bank cash-in match.

The card featured eight matches, including one on the pre-show, that resulted from scripted storylines and had results predetermined by WWE on the Raw and SmackDown brands.

Bryan and his wife Brie Bella came out and confronted them. An irate Styles attacked Joe with a steel chair, resulting in Joe winning by disqualification, but Styles retaining the title.

Before the match began, Money in the Bank contract winner Braun Strowman came out and declared that he would be cashing-in on the winner of the match and stayed at ringside.

Strowman, however, was incapacitated by Lesnar during the match, preventing him from cashing in; this distraction allowed Reigns to defeat Lesnar to win the championship.

The following week, Orton explained his attacks on Hardy by stating that he felt disrespected by the WWE Universe and hated how they were supportive of superstars like Hardy.

The next week, Orton launched a third attack on Hardy with aidance from Nakamura. Hardy invoked his rematch clause at SummerSlam, and would once again fail to regain the title.

After the match, Orton came out while Hardy was incapacitated in the ring, only to turn back and walk away. Hardy then proceeded to attack Orton all around the arena and eventually spread in the crowd area.

Hardy then executed a Swanton Bomb on Orton off the balcony through a table. After the match, Lynch turned heel and attacked Flair.

A match between Lynch and Flair for the title was scheduled for Hell in a Cell. In the climax, Kingston performed Trouble in Paradise on English to retain the title.

During the match, Orton threaded a screwdriver through Hardy's earlobe. Hardy would then counter with a low blow.

Hardy performed a Twist of Fate on Orton, then placed a chair on him and performed a Swanton Bomb on Orton for a near-fall. In the climax, Hardy climbed a ladder and grabbed onto the top of the cell.

Dangling from the cell, Hardy attempted a splash on Orton through a table, only for Orton to move, causing Hardy to crash through the table.

Orton pinned Hardy to win the match. In the climax, as Flair attempted a spear , Lynch countered and pinned Flair to win the title for a second time.

After the match, Flair offered a handshake, only for Lynch to refuse. The closing moments saw Styles attempt a springboard only for Joe to counter into the Coquina Clutch.

Styles countered this into a pin, but during the pin, Styles submitted. The referee did not see Styles submit and counted the pinfall for Styles to controversially retain.

After the match, an irate Joe attacked Styles as he felt he had won the match. In the end, Maryse pinned Brie with a roll up whilst holding Brie's tights to win.

In the climax, Rousey forced Bliss to submit to an armbar to retain the title. Strowman struck Reigns with the steel steps and performed a running powerslam on Reigns for a near-fall.

Reigns performed a spear through a table on Strowman for a near-fall. Atop the cell, Ziggler performed a superkick on Rollins. Ambrose struck McIntyre and Ziggler with a kendo stick.

Rollins and Ziggler fell off the cell through the announce tables. In the climax, Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman made a surprise return. Lesnar kicked in the cell door while Heyman incapacitated Foley with pepper spray.

Lesnar then attacked both Strowman and Reigns with broken pieces of a table and performed F-5 s on each man before departing.

A second referee came out and declared that Strowman and Reigns could not continue, resulting in a no-contest, thus Reigns retained the title.

Strowman became the fourth person to fail in gaining a championship in their cash-in match, and the first to fail by a no-contest ruling.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved September 14, Retrieved 2 November Retrieved August 20, Retrieved March 5, Retrieved March 21, Retrieved December 12, Pro Wrestling Dot Net.

Frage ist nur, ob die WWE das auch ausschöpft. Man hat ihm sein zugesichertes Rematch verweigert. Bin total gelangweilt gewesen. Ja, und dann natürlich das Wichtigste: Und lesnar ist sogar Beste Spielothek in Hargelsberg finden obwohl er fast nie da war. Es war nämlich genauso, wie es sein sollte.

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Undertaker and Mick Foley relive their infamous Hell in a Cell Match: WWE Untold Also würde ich mal sagen das Match ist noch nicht zuende? Nach dem Opening-Video wird die Show mit einleitenden Worten von Michael Cole eröffnet, ehe der rote Käfig heruntergefahren wird, sodass das erste Match starten kann…. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Hoffe, es geht ihm gut. Mick Foley Roman Reigns c vs. Ich bin wirklich am überlegen ob ich guck oder den Bericht morgen früh lese. Spear abbekommen und dann ein Normales Cover gezeigt zum Sieg? Bryan und Brie vs The Miz und Maryse: Titelgewinn Ich mag Rothaarige. Ausserdem finde ich es super!!! Diskutiert in unserem Forum mit vielen anderen Wrestlingfans über diese Show! Triple H match, The Bellas vs. Remove or add teams to and from your list of favorites Teams In Your Area Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation. Strowman, sarajevo casino, was incapacitated by Lesnar during the match, preventing him from cashing in; this distraction allowed Reigns to defeat Lesnar to win the championship. Charlotte took advantage by throwing Banks onto the Dancing in Rio, which was positioned in the corner, and then executed Natural Selection to win the title. The Colons to earn a spot in a No. This definitely delivered as a fun minute match, though the crowd would have popped huge if Rusev Day won. Retrieved September 4, Rusev Day via pinfall Beste Spielothek in Arnoldshammer finden retain the titles Kickoff Show: Retrieved October 3, Whereas one can argue the SummerSlam match underdelivered, this one overdelivered and was quite entertaining all things considering.

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